Our Story

Founded by environmental entrepreneur Luke McMillan after working in marine conservation for the last 10 years, Sea Sense was conceptualised through a love of flip flops and to deliver what the industry was missing. Luke has seen first hand the damage that is being done to our oceans, through our use and improper disposal of plastics. It's a terrifying fact, but 22 million kgs of plastic enters our ocean every day.

Luke McMillan Sea Sense Flip Flops Founder

“One of the largest pollutants in the ocean is polyurethane from flip flops that have been washed or thrown into rivers and flow into the ocean.” Dr. Stephen Mayfield, Biology Professor, UC San Diego. 

3 billion pairs of plastic flip flops are sold every year throughout the world, they are the world's most popular shoe. The idea behind Sea Sense Flip Flops was to produce a flip flop, with a focus on sustainability, that was not going to leave a footprint on our planet. To do this, using plastic was out of the question. Therefore we use biodegradable natural rubber from sustainable harvests in Vietnam.


This wasn't enough for us though; so by using an eco-friendly version of the world's most popular shoe, we wanted to make a contribution to solve one of the world's biggest environmental problems. 


We teamed up with great organisations around the world, and we use the profits from each pair of flip flops to ensure there are 5.7kgs less plastic in our oceans, that is the equivalent of 500 plastic bottles for each pair sold. In our first year we collected more than 1 million plastic bottles, and this is just the start.