Each element of our product has been designed with our planet's health in mind, and we’ve worked hard to remove the gap between sustainability and accessibility. What use are sustainable products if they’re unaffordable for most people?   

From early on we made the commitment to always make our flip flops from an affordable natural, renewable material, that is kind to the environment as well as your feet.   

Currently, the human made and plastic elements in standard beach-bought flip flops are yet another source of pollution in our oceans. In fact, 25% of all ocean plastic pollution is flip flops. We’re trying to turn that around by offering an entirely natural, vegan alternative. The natural rubber found in every single Sea Sense Flip Flop offers environmental benefits including Eco-Friendly production, Durability, Reusability and they are 100% Biodegradable. No rubber trees are ever cut down to make your flip flops, the rubber is simply "tapped" from them, and this can be done over again throughout the life cycle of the tree.   

While we would prefer you held onto your Sea Sense Flip Flops for a long time, that means even accidentally losing one out at sea wouldn’t do any damage! We would always recommend burying your flip flops in the garden when you have worn them out, from the rubber tree back to the earth (after about 3-6 months they will start to naturally degrade).

Natural rubber is also beneficial as it is waterproof whilst providing a supportive, soft and comfortable fit. No more pinching across the top of your foot! Natural Rubber is also incredibly elastic and, when mixed with the right balance of other natural ingredients it ensures your flip flops will be super durable, no matter what you're doing in them!