We are giving you the opportunity to make a statement. You have the ability to make a lasting impact on the world, and also look fantastic whilst you do it. Our dream is to build a global community of people, who can achieve change through fashion. We are determined to stop one million plastic bottles from entering our oceans, every year.  

Our idea stems from years of working, hands-on, in marine conservation; seeing first hand the damage that humans are doing to our oceans, through their use and improper disposal of plastics. We relentlessly campaign for change.
The years of experience combined with the fact that, incredibly, around 25% of plastic pollution found in the ocean is flip flops, gave us a brain wave. Using the world's most popular shoe, we could help solve one of the world's biggest environmental problems. This seemed like a great idea to us but we had to get it right.  
We put a call out to Brazil and enlisted the help of the former Havaianas Research and Development Manager. Boy, does he know his flip flops, and he was really excited to be a part of the Sea Sense project! 
We didn't want to just make yet another flip flop from recycled ocean plastic. For us, this says; "I feel good, as I'm not putting extra plastic into the world". We will actually stop hundreds of thousands of tons of plastic from going into our oceans.
Imagine if your bath was overflowing, you wouldn't start mopping up, you would turn the tap off. With that in mind, the last thing we should be doing is collecting plastic from the ocean and recycling it. We should be stopping plastic getting into our rivers and seas in the first place, and that is exactly what the Plastic Bank® does around the world. 
Sea Sense Flip Flops are proud to have been endorsed as an Official Supporter of The Plastic Bank®, and we will be directing profits from the sales of our flip flops to them. Through their Social Plastic® scheme, they have been able to monetise plastic in a number of developing countries, meaning that collectors are able to exchange plastic for digital tokens that help buy necessities including; food, fuel, medical supplies, as well as paying for education.     
We have committed to providing the Plastic Bank® with the funding they need to collect one million plastic bottles, every year. It is ambitious, but we think that if we don't aim high, we cannot achieve real change. We will look to increase our commitment year on year as the company grows, and by 2030 we want to be preventing 10 million plastic bottles entering our oceans. So, every time you buy a pair of our flip flops, you will not only be saving our oceans, but you will be helping people in developing countries too. 
Recently featured in Sustainability Times:
" It’s not exactly flip-flop weather, but if you are looking for a biodegradable fair trade pair, that prevents plastics going into the ocean, check out Sea Sense."