It's time to Sea Sense. Choose our 100% Biodegradable Natural Rubber Flip Flops and protect our Oceans!

We have designed a collection of stunning 100% biodegradable flip flops and we have made the commitment to prevent One Million plastic bottles entering our oceans, every year.

We will be directing profits from the sales of our flip flops to Social Plastic® schemes, in a number of developing countries. Collectors are able to exchange plastic for food, fuel, medical supplies, as well as paying for education. We guarantee to provide the annual funding needed to collect one million plastic bottles.


Thoughtful Design

We asked you what you wanted, and we have designed different versions of our flip flops for women and for men. Our Women's flip flops have a more delicate strap compared to the Men's, and the sole is slightly thinner, making them lighter and more feminine. From the classic to the adventurous, we have colours to suit all tastes. Both designs are as hard wearing as they are stunning, and are covered by our 180-day Durability Guarantee*.

Our Pure Collection

We know that a lot of you don't like obvious branding on your flip flops. We have launched our new Pure Collection for selected colours, where we have blended our logo. The flip flops still have the Sea Sense logo, but it is the same colour as the flip flop, for that simple, minimalistic look.