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Please refer to our size guide for the perfect fit

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Bundle Up - 2 Pairs for £42

Flip flops are meant to be a little bigger than your regular shoes to offer protection at the heel and the toe. If you're in a rush, please order a size larger than your regular shoe size.


If you have a few minutes, please trace around your foot with a pencil on a piece of paper, and measure from heel to big toe. Ensure the flip flop size you order is around 8mm longer than your foot. We offer free exchanges, so we will always be able to find the perfect fit. 



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How are our flip flops made? ​


Our flip flops are made from natural rubber. This rubber comes from the forests of Vietnam, where it is "tapped" from rubber trees, so no trees are ever chopped down to make our flip flops. The farmers are paid a fair wage and work in good conditions. The rubber is coloured using natural dyes. PETA has also approved the manufacturing process as ethical and Vegan. The rubber is then made into our beautiful flip flops using "cookie-cutter" moulds.

Why should I buy Sea Sense flip flops? ​


Sea Sense flip flops have all the qualities of the most popular brands, but we have made improvements where we thought they fell short. We make a traditional thong flip flop, but we have made several upgrades. Using natural rubber we have helped to avoid rubbing and blisters, they are also incredibly elastic and durable so you will avoid those annoying toe plug blowouts. They have less impact on your joints due to the nature of the natural rubber, which is supportive, and molds to your foot. We also do more with your money than other popular brands do. Our focus is on supporting organizations and individuals to stop plastic from entering our oceans and to help pay them a vital wage for doing so. We are also the only flip flop in the world that will use profits to collect at least 1 million ocean-bound plastic bottles, each year.

How does natural rubber biodegrade? ​


Do not fear, just because our flip flops are biodegradable, it doesn't mean they will start falling apart as you are wearing them. When you are finished with your flip flops, you can bury them in the ground and even in landfill they will break down. Importantly, wherever your flip flops end up, they won't release any toxic chemicals like plastics do.

Here comes the science! Natural rubber is biodegradable for two reasons: because of natural oxidisation and chemical reaction to the environment, and because relatively common bacteria and fungi are able to break rubber down for use over their life cycles.

Natural rubber can be enzymatically broken into molecules helpful to microorganisms, creating water and carbon dioxide or methane as a byproduct. Some of these microorganisms get a boost when the chemistry of the environments starts the process through oxidisation.

Soils with a lot of microbial activity and complex compositions can accelerate this biodegradation.


We are not just providing an eco-friendly, sustainable alternative to plastic flip flops, but we are actively supporting the livelihoods of plastic collectors in developing countries. Through the sales of our flip flops we are providing people the chance to pull themselves out of poverty, as well as making huge strides in the prevention of

ocean plastic pollution.


Winter Special - Get 2 Pairs for £39 including Free UK Postage

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